Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tea and knitting

I have so many things that I should be doing, but I'm having a lazy morning , having that extra cuppa and knitting Mike's socks . One down and the second one started.

The mornings have been a little cool and crisp lately . The grass & flowers are shiny with dew . The afternoons are just gorgeous , warm but not hot , cloudless skies . Perfect September weather ! By the time the end of August rolls around I'm ready for a change of season . I need a respite from the summer heat and humidity . Luckily here in Canada we have four seasons , though Spring and Summer seem to be relatively short-lived here and the Winter overly long , by the time you're tired of one there's a change coming . I can't say that I could really pick a favourite season , each one has its merits , but to me there's something special about the Fall . I love the vibrant Fall colours , the pungent smell of the wildflowers , the markets flooded with produce , that last bursts of colour in the garden . The sky is so blue in contrast to the leaves . These last beautiful days reminded me of and to appreciate all that I have . In the busyness of life I sometimes forget that and complain about the small stuff .


sherriknits said...

The socks are great!

We don't really have 4 seasons here, it's mostly mild gray to grayer. lol We did have a few nice days but for the most part, a pretty rainy summer with a nice day here and there thrown in.

Monika said...

I like the colorway you are using for Mike's socks. I'm going to knit the first pair of socks for my son next. He likes cables ( I don't like knitting them), but I want him to wear them. I'm glad we have four seasons here. I like Fall the best, with Winter a close second!

JenW!~ said...

Hi Just found your blog while visiting another. I have to tell you I love the sheep mug. Very cute. Sock yarn is pretty. I love blue. Fall is my favorite season. with all the rich deep splashes of color every where.

lexa said...

I like the fall, but I don't like what comes after it! I dread Jan & Feb, I find those the coldest months here and usually when we get the most snow. Summer has come back today, though. Glad I'm working cuz it's very hot outside today.