Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wintery week-end

This was the view from the end of our driveway as the snowstorm started on Saturday afternoon . By the end of it all , we got about 35 cm of new snow. Apparently we're just another snowstorm away from shattering the record for most snow in a winter. You can't really see how much there is from that picture , but the snow in our yard is waist high , not drifts of snow , but overall snow , waist high is mind boggling. When you're shovelling the snowbanks are so high you have to shovel up , way up. I was so happy just to hunker down with my knitting , tea and a good movie . I was worried about Casey and Chantal who had a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon . The reception was on the south shore , just off the island of Montreal . By late evening the roads in the area had to be closed , due to the poor visibility and blowing snow . They got home early in the morning , after it had all died down and the plows were able to get out. I was so worried till I got the call that they were home safe and sound. You know how moms are . Sunday was spent shovelling and trading stories about the snowstorm. All the neighbours were out helping dig each other out . One of our neighbours has 3 young children , who should be the poster kids on how to enjoy winter . They were out with their parents and their shovels and just having a blast. This could last another two months for all they care - bring it on ! The rest of us old folks are just saying enough already !

Here's what kept me occupied On Saturday evening . I finally finished EZ 's February baby sweater . I'm happy with the finished it knit overall , but have some issues with the sleeves . I knit them in the round , which meant a little less seaming , but finishing isn't by strong suit , so I'm not altogether pleased with the underarms. This one will go into the hope chest and I'll attempt another and do the sleeves differently . On the needles at the moment is a birthday scarf for Stefanie to match her Koolhaas hat . Her birthday is on Friday . The needles better be flying this week !


Donna M said...

I saw your storm pictures on my daughter's blog. Sooooo much snow! It is pretty though.
Your little sweater is dear and the sleeves look fine to me.

lexa said...

I saw on the news the other night about all the snow up your way and in New Brunswick. Crazy! Our forecast says snow Friday, periods of snow or rain and windy on Saturday, but it didn't say how much yet. I have to work Fri night and Sat, so I hope it isn't too bad. Those shifts are quiet enough without a storm keeping everyone at home!