Friday, July 24, 2009

Whew , what a week ...

but all's well that ends well ! Mike and I survived the dog & house sitting . Alaska and Zeus are back to normal , no more poopy dogs and messes to clean up . Thank heavens !

The tile issue has been resolved so we can go full steam ahead with the bathroom renovations . I'm really anxious to get this done , it's a project long overdue . I'm not so anxious to have to deal with the mess of renovations and having the dirt and dust everywhere , but hey I can take a break from cleaning , might as well wait till it's all done . More knitting time maybe ?

Speaking of which here's the new socks in progress . It's not the best picture ; I took it under a cloudy overcast sky , but at least it's not raining . As you can see these will be another pair of toe up socks . This is a free pattern from Wendy Johnson called Nanner. I started out on two circular needles but the joins on one of the circs was a little rough , so switched to dpns . I'm alternating between knitting the shawl and these socks as the mood strikes me .

Now if only we could have a few sunny rain free days .That's not asking too much is it ?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend !


Donna M said...

The Nanners are looking good!

But as far as the rain goes, I think we are in for more of it! Totally sucky summer this year!

Monika said...

Happy is not making me happy at the moment. He's on the deworming program and during the 10 days off the meds there was a lot of cleanup to do.
We do have sunny days, but not hot enough for swimming.
Love your Nanner socks. Haven't seen red socks in a long time anywhere. :o)
Good luck with the renovations. How I hate cleaning up after...