Friday, September 24, 2010

Pretty , pretty Rosamond

These are my recently completed socks . They are Kate Blackburns' Rosamond pattern . I don't remember how exactly I came across this gorgeous design , but am I ever glad that I did. It was love at first sight and I love , love the finished socks . They're lacy and feminine without being overly fussy. As Goldilocks would say they are just right . And best of all they're for me ! Some of my hand knit socks are starting to be the worse for wear and it's time I knit some new ones .

The added bonus with these socks is that I'm slowly using up my Elann Sock it to Me 4 ply stash . This is a sturdy , adequate and inexpensive yarn for socks . It leaves a little to be desired in the softness category . The problem being that since I bought this yarn I've acquired some truly spectacular yarns and have been spoiled by them for this more plain and everyday yarn . I still like it overall , but it's true what they say , you get what you pay for . They're knit cuff down using 2,25mm dpns . I like this pattern so much that I can foresee me knitting another pair in a better quality yarn that would truly do it justice .

On to the next pair which will be for Mike who's definitely experiencing a shortage in the hand knit sock department . As he keeps reminding me ;-)) . But hey , I've only got two hands and there's so many projects , so little time . I'm not called restless needles for nothing ....

Have a wonderful weekend !


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I know exactly what you mean about being spoiled - since we began to dye our own yarn it's hard to go back to the "economy" yarns.
The socks are lovely though and will be just as warm - and probably soften with wear!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks in a beautiful color. Congratulations on the finish.