Friday, February 7, 2014

Pastel Ripples

I didn't realize just how much baby yarn I had in the cupboard until I started going through all of the containers .There's bags and bags of it and it would take me a really LONG time to use it all up by knitting only baby hats . I decided that crocheting or knitting a couple of blankets might speed up the destashing process . Crochet is quicker and uses up more yarn so here's the first blanket , almost ready for the gift box . The baby hats are coming along quite nicely with 5 hats completed so far . I'll post photos when I have a few more done . There are so many cute patterns for baby hats on ravelry that I'm really enjoying this process .

To make a change from all this baby knitting I cast on for my ravellenics2014 project this morning during the  Olympic opening ceremonies in Sochi . I 've entered the sock hockey event and am knitting a pair of  Patina socks as part of Team Canada . There's not a lot to show at the moment , I'm almost done with the ribbing . I can't wait to start the pattern on the foot , it looks interesting ! If you're participating in the ravellenics2014 , what's on your needles ?

I'm looking forward to watching all the Olympic coverage this weekend and cheering on all of our athletes . Go Canada go !


kathy b said...

Great idea to crochet and make the use of the yarn more quickly. i should do the same.
Im enjoying the opening ceremonies tonight in the USA. St. Basils is so magnificent

lexa said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love that baby blanket. The colors are so soothing!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I just love ripples! What a great way to bust three colours of baby yarn.

Patina looks like an interesting pattern. I'm doing a Sea of Dreams baby blanket for my Ravellenics project. By end of day today I should be about a third done. Hopefully work isn't too busy this week :)

Caffeine Girl said...

Based on my stash, I should learn to crochet! I do keep hearing it is much faster than knitting!