Saturday, May 31, 2008

A rainy Saturday

makes for knitting and time on the computer . Thanks for the kind words about Maggie . Sometimes you just get knocked for a loop . It should have been just a routine surgery (she was being neutered ) and it was just so unexpected . We still don't know exactly why or what went wrong . Even though she wasn't mine technically , she spent a lot of time here when the kids were at work . I doubt very much if Casey will go back there.

I've raised an even $400 for the Relay for Life so far. The cash donations had to be handed in Friday , but I'll leave the online donations open until June7 th . I 'll probably need that day to recover as we'll be up all night walking in shifts . If you can please donate , it's for a good cause .

I'm trying to get some knits off the needles and restrain myself from casting on something new . The baby sweater is done , just needs the buttons sewn on . I always procrastinate with the buttons , hopefully it'll have buttons before the baby is actually here. These are the socks currently in progress . I just love the pattern (cross hatch lace ) but not so much the yarn . It splits like the dickens .

Off to knit and watch the Sex and the City marathon on TV . Want to find out what I missed .
Have a good week-end wherever you are ...


Monika said...

I can understand Casey. I would not go back there either. Did they not offer an explanation?
The socks look fabulous. I like the stitch pattern, and the color too. Too bad about the yarn. I've got a full box of it, but didn't get to give it a try yet.

Donna M said...

Your socks are gorgeous!

I can't believe the vet didn't give the details of why Maggie died during surgery. I totally wouldn't go back to that vet again either!

lexa said...

I wonder if she had an allergy to the anesthsia? (probably spelled wrong) I would imagine that like people there's no one to tell if one is allergic til it's too late. I'd want to know what happened, that's for sure.

Love the color of your socks! The pattern is great as well. Of course, green would catch me eye. :)