Friday, July 3, 2009

A new toy

With Mike's impending retirement not too far away I could see a conflict of interests on the horizon with only one computer in the house . So to preempt that problem , Mama's got a brand spanking new laptop . I love , love , love it ! I love the portability , the little red mouse , ahh just everything about it . It works great , didn't break the bank and it's mine (mostly ) .

Lounging on the keyboard is my current sock in progress . It's Evelyn Clark's Waving Lace Socks . These socks have been a work in mind for forever it seems . Scouring the stash after finishing the toe ups I came across this ball of "Strumpfwolle " (generic term for sock yarn in German ) a gift from my Dad , and for some reason this pattern came to mind . I started out on dpns and not too far into the socks switched to 2 circulars . No one's more surprised than me , who'dda thought ! Loving the pattern and the yarn .

The weather here has been a mish mash , with some sun but thunderstorms and torrential rain later in the day . Canada Day was not a complete wash out . We had a low key celebration with the kids over for a BBQ . Thankfully the rain held off till after we'd eaten . Jessey had a dip in the pool , swallowed some water and like a natural spit it out and kept playing . He's so close to walking. I had to hold both of his hands and just walk and walk with him . He just wanted to explore . I think he's going to be hell on wheels when he gets to be mobile on his own . That child is curious about everything and has oodles of energy . I love him to pieces !

Anyway , wish you all a good weekend !


Donna M said...

Congrats on your new laptop! We did the same thing when John retired! Just couldn't handle the possible conflicts that would arise with only one computer in the house!

Our weather is still sucky! We had a few hours of sun midday yesterday, but today is rainy and foggy!

Monika said...

Oh great! That was the only way to go! I don't like others using my computer, so everyone in our house has his/her own.
I like your sock too. You make me curious to try sock knitting with 2 circs!
It looks like the weekend is going to be great! Have a wonderful one!

lexa said...

Nice laptop! The weather here sucks. We had some sun yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. It's gone again, but at least it looks like the drizzling has stopped for now.