Friday, October 1, 2010

A rainy Friday

Makes a perfect day to hunker down , knit on a WIP and cook up something warm and delicious to eat . We're being deluged with rain today and I mean deluged . Mike had to go out and let some of the water out of the pool because it looked like it might overflow . Not good if it all runs toward the house and the foundation . The sump pumps were working full time overnight at Casey and Max's houses .They were worried that the power might go out so that the pumps wouldn't work . Luckily that didn't happen . We're not that deep so a pump isn't a necessity .

For some reason bad weather always puts me in the mood to cook or bake . I got up this morning , looked outside and decided to try a new recipe for breakfast . This is kind of a cross between a pancake and a souffle . I modified it slightly by adding some vanilla and sliced apples to the bottom of the pan . It was absolutely delicious ! Big hit with Mike and definitely one to make again .

Knitting wise I've been a busy bee . I finished another baby blanket , started an ear flap hat for Jessey and am busy with Mike's socks . Actually the hat is done except for the sewing in of the ends . The pattern is called the 8 Hour Baby Blanket from booklet put out by Plymouth Yarns . I found this booklet on our recent trip to Maine . I was so lucky as this was their last copy and the lady had to look awhile to find it . Guess it was meant to be ! It's a very quick knit , I used 8.00mm circulars . The yarn is Patons Decor which is an acrylic /wool blend , making it easy care . There are a bunch of other really nice blankets in this booklet so I'm set for when I need a quick knit for another baby gift .
That's the wrap up for this week . I'm off to start some soup .....
Have a good weekend !


Unknown said...

I would give anything for some cool, rainy cooking weather. I really miss those fall days.

That recipe sounds yummy. I like that you put fresh apple slices in it.

The blanket looks nice and snuggly for a baby.

Monika said...

I wanted to make this recipe for some time now. I know this the way you made it, with apples sliced thin, but I can't remember the name for it in German.
Lovely blanket!

Donna M said...

Your finished breakfast dish looks delicious!
Love the baby blanket.
Can't believe how humid it is here in NS. Where is fall?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Mmm that looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmm...soup on a rainy day. Perfect!

WildflowerWool said...

Today is a rainy, cold day, perfect for baking and knitting. Great pattern for the blanket. It turned out really well.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The blanket looks great! You've really been getting lots of big knitting projects done.