Friday, September 5, 2008

September already..

... and the 5th of the month no less ! Where do the days go, blink and another week is over.

Knitting for baby has resumed . I just love the little blankies in this book . This pattern is completely reversible, easy , but not boring . It's scorching hot here so I won't be getting much further along on it today. There's promises of more seasonal weather for the weekend . I'm always happy for those gorgeous early September days .

Sock knitting continues as well ; one down on the "blueberry" socks and the second well on it's way . I'm getting restless again though and thinking of Christmas knitting . Ravelry is both a blessing and a curse . Too many projects and REALLY not enough time . I wish that there were more hours in the day or better yet someone to pick up and do all those mundane and thankless tasks that keep me away from knitting . I know there are people who get paid to do all those things, but at the moment my budget won't allow for that. Home renovations took care of any extra cash that was lying around . Besides, I'm my mother 's daughter and just HAVE to do it myself ; or I'd probably clean before the cleaner got here. Sort of defeats the purpose , don't you think ?
I hope the sun is shining and that all's right with your world . Have a great weekend !


Monika said...

Ah, how lovely. Of course I like this one a lot, it's orange isn't it?! :o)
I think the same about ravelry.

Donna M said...

Love your little blankie! Lucky baby to get all these goodies!

I totally agree about Ravelry. I keep finding new things to knit and still haven't started the last project I decided to do!

I'm glad someone's going to have a nice weekend. Looks like Hannah is going to hit us!

lexa said...

I've got the urge to knit mittens. Must be where fall is coming. I want to do colorwork mittens, too. A first for me. (I blame Ravelry as well.)