Friday, September 19, 2008

The week in brief

Because I'm kind've blank right now thought I'd give you a brief round-up of this week .

Knitting is progressing , albeit slowly . There's not been much progress on the sock or the baby blanket , hence no photos . Thank you all for the compliments on my finished socks . It's much appreciated .

The weather is gorgeous , perfect if you ask me. The days have been sunny and nights cool , truly beautiful fall weather.

We've had a couple of nice family dinners and get togethers since my father arrived . We celebrated Casey's birthday on Tuesday , Chantal made an exceptional dinner and then all her family came over for coffee and to have some birthday cake .

Chantal is fine. She's feeling like most expectant mothers feels at this stage of their pregnancy - a mix of when is this baby going to get here and wondering how the actual birth will be. She looks absolutely gorgeous , pregnancy becomes her. We're all waiting for THE phone call and anxious to see the little guy.

This last bit of news of my week isn't as good as all of the above. Marie had to be rushed to the hospital yet again . More of the same, they try and prolong her life, because that's what they do, but she's getting weaker each day. It breaks my heart to see her like this . Her doctors started to administer low dose morphine yesterday , so I'm not sure what that means as far as going home again . I've been going over to see her as much as I can . One day at a time ....

Getting ready for the week-end and more birthday celebrations next week (Max and the next day my Dad ) .

Have a good week-end ....

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