Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Sky

In keeping with Sandy's sky pictures here's my Tuesday afternoon version . It was just a gloriously beautiful day to take Bingo for a long walk along the river . Sunshine , fresh air, a bright blue sky and golden leaves were just what I needed to lift my spirits . Bingo , the lucky dog , must have thought he hit the jackpot with the multiple walks today . He was so tired when we got back he went straight to the water dish and then just flaked right out on the couch .

Casey called me this evening to tell me that I'll probably be an Oma sometime in the next ten days. Chantal had her doctor's appointment today and if the little guy hasn't made an appearance by this weekend , he'll probably induce her on Oct. 9th . I can 't wait to meet our first grandchild . I couldn't imagine myself saying that when I was younger , I mean that would mean that I'd be old . It's funny how the definition /perception of old changes as we get older ourselves . As I approach sixty (eeks) I'm thinking 'ah it's not so bad I'd have to be at least 85 to be truly old '. It seems to me it really IS that you're only as old as you feel , but the challenge is to figure out how to stay young @heart no matter what your chronological age . All this to say that I really , really don't feel old enough to have a 31 year old son , I must have had him when I was just a babe

There's no knitting progress to show really . I always seem to hit a wall whenever I get close to finishing any project. Boredom sets in and I just can't seem to get the last little bit done . Though this time it's partly due to a constant pain in my right shoulder . It 's so annoying because that baby blanket needs to be finished real soon , like October 9th soon . I can manage to knit in short spurts , but then it starts to hurt like h**l . It's making me just a tiny bit cranky . I have my annual checkup / tuneup next month , we'll see what the doctor/mechanic recommends . Hope it's not to stop knitting , because then I'll be really cranky.


Donna M said...

Gorgeous fall weather we're all having this year. My favourite season!
Fingers crossed that your grandchild arrives sooner rather than later.
Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

lexa said...

The leaves are changing big time here, but the temps are staying great so far. (Which is good cuz oil is too expensive. My furnace won't be turned on til I have to! Felted slippers for all!) Last night I had the window fan on in the bedroom and the ceiling fan, so it had to be warm. When Hubs is home he gets mad at me cuz I close the windows and turn the fans off.

How exciting that you'll soon be an Oma! I bet the expectant parents are getting anxiously excited. :)